Help downloading your photos and mobile app

Please watch the video, it explains how to favourite and download your images from your gallery.
If you are viewing and downloading your files on a mobile phone or tablet please watch the video, and then take note of the photos below which shows the additional steps required for saving the images to your photo folder.

On your mobile phone or tablet; open the gallery, select the image you want and click the download icon, your photo will come up . You then need to download that image to your photo library so that you can view it and print it. These images show the steps on an i-phone, your phone may have different icons or steps required to save images to your  photo library. 

Mobile app downloading

Your mobile app is downloaded differently depending on your phone. I-phones seem to be able to download the app by following the instructions that come with the app email. Androids can sometimes be trickier. If you have tried and failed with your android phone, please copy the link from the email then paste it into the Chrome browser (the native browser for your Android phone) you should be able to download the app now. If you run into any more problems please contact me - the company that hosts my galleries and apps is very responsive and helpful.

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