How your newborn photo session works

I will probably be shooting your baby photoshoot in your home, I feel that babies are happier at home, however you are very welcome to bring baby to my modern, warm, purpose built studio in Taieri Mouth.

Please don't worry about your house! You have just had a baby, I do not expect your house to be spotless. I expect you to relax, keep your fluids up and enjoy watching me work with your little one.

I will bring everything I need, and take it away again. I will clear a place and capture gorgeous images of your baby and family. If baby is unsettled we will get a lot of lifestyle images and less posed, if baby feels like posing on the day we will get more prop and beanbag shots. Baby is boss.

I try to use natural window light as much as possible, but I always pack my own light just in case. If we have to use the light rest assured it will not harm baby's eyes.

You will need a heat source, as the room needs to be very warm, but we can talk about that when I arrive.

Baby will probably expect to be fed more often than normal, this is common as we are taking baby out of their routine. If you use a dummy please have it available as it is useful for keeping baby settled.  I do not advocate any one parenting / feeding style and fully respect your choices.

I have been fully vaccinated, and have the annual flu shot. I have no expectations about your immunisation choices or status. I use hospital grade hand sanitiser throughout the session, and will postpone the session if I have had contact with illness or you or your little one are unwell.

I have achieved the NZIPP Newborn Photography Safety Certificate, and know how to handle and pose baby safely and hygienically .

Newborn session

Either I will arrive at your home (typically at 10am) or you will arrive at my studio.

I bring / provide everything we will need for the session - you are welcome to bring special family items with you.

First we will have a chat to ensure we all have the same expectations of the session, this is the time for you to let me know about anything that is very important to you, if you haven't included it in the questionnaire. I will explain the set ups I have planned and we can talk about which colours, hats, wraps you prefer.

Next I will get you to undress baby down to their nappy, wrap them in a blanket and either feed them (if required) or hand them to me. I will take care of baby from now until they need a feed or change, this helps them to stay calm as they cannot smell Mum and Dad.

Usually babies are awake at the start of the session, so I will wrap them, the first wrap I use is very thin and stretchy, this helps them to feel safe and cosy without adding too much warmth. I then add a couple more wraps that you have helped me to choose. Baby's nappy stays on through most to all of the session. 

Baby will generally be going off to sleep by this part of the session, I will then place them in a styled prop and start taking photos. Feel free to tell me if there is anything you want to add, or change.

After the prop shots we will move to the next part of the session, this depends on your preferences, if it is a 1-2 hour session we will move to either a couple of beanbag or hands on baby images, then family shots. If it is a longer session we will do additional props, then maybe hands on baby, posed / unposed, then family.

When our time is up or baby has had enough I will return baby to you to feed, change etc. We will then continue the session  or pack up.

I will explain what happens next, and the session will be over.

I have a couple of Pinterest boards with my props and hats, please choose any you would like me to include in your session, and let me know if there is something you would like but don't see as I may be able to access it.

Remember to let me know when baby is born so we can book your session in as quickly as possible.

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