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Styling options for your newborn

photo session

You booked me because you love my images - but which ones do you want?

I don't want to upset you by shooting a style you don't actually want.

I have sent you a questionnaire which links to this page, please let me know if you want light images, dark images, certain colours, certain props etc. The props page has its own link, the rest are here.

Props - I have loads of props for you to choose from, in keeping with my style these are natural or vintage items
Hands on baby - these shots take place on a cosy beanbag and are all about baby, showing how small they are.
Traditional posed - baby needs to be very sleepy for these poses, if these shots are important to you please let me know, I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to help baby sleep, but if we are at your home I need to be very organised.
Relaxed posed- we let baby decide how they want to pose themselves, I guide them and arrange the beanbag to keep  them safe and cosy, this style is much more baby-centred.
Light to dark themes including some colour - just to give you a basic idea when I ask if you want a lighter or darker theme, this is just a starting point. Think about your home decor and your preferences when deciding which colours and tones you want me to use.
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All the tiny details that you love.