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What if...

  • My baby won't sleep? Most babies who have been fed, changed and burped will sleep eventually. I have lots of tricks to help them relax and doze off. I am very happy for baby to be awake, so long as they are happy.

  • My baby cries the whole time and and we don't get photos? This has never happened :-)

  • I am too tired to get my hair and make up done, or change out of my sweatshirt and track pants? All good, the way I photograph you and your baby we won't see those things, we will see the love you have for your partner and baby, and theirs for you.

  • My baby has spots and flakey skin? Should I put the session off until those have gone? No! I will edit your photos so that these are barely noticeable. Please do not oil baby's skin as that makes it very shiny in the photos.

  • My baby poops on your props? Thats what babies do, thats why everything is washable , why I wear a uniform and why we keep nappies on as much as possible!

  • My two year old is upset about the baby and won't have photos with them? That is siblings for you...I will work with your child to find some way that they will agree to photos with baby. I have some pretty amazing tricks that don't include lollies :-)


What if...

  • my kids won't co-operate? This is a high pressure situation for children...and we all know what that means. Try to keep it low-key, tell them "we are visiting Mummy's friend and she is going to take some photos of us". Please don't get cross with them. We will work with them to get the shots we need. Accept that we may not get lots of smiles - but we will get real photos of your child.

  • the weather is bad? We will re-book to a date that suits you. If this is not possible we can do a studio session instead.

  • I don't like photos of myself? People love you, one day you will be gone and all they will have is photos of you. Be in the photos.


What if...

  • The weather is bad? We shoot in the studio and we can get some shots in the tree tunnels and the garden if possible.

  • I want photos with my partner and other children? Of course! family members are always included.

  • I feel fat and frumpy! You are pregnant, you are exhausted, it's fine. The session won't take too long, I will direct you in how to pose, and I will ensure that your photos are beautiful.

  • I don't have anything to wear? I have a wardrobe of gowns and dresses for you to choose from.

Other questions

  • How do I pay? You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or Genoa Pay

  • What is the session fee? The session fee secures your booking, ensuring that you will get your session when you want it, and you won't have to wait for weeks. It pays for my time spent on admin, planning and shooting your session.

  • Do I have to buy a digital collection?No, you can just pay a booking fee and choose from prints and products.

  • I want to display my photos on the wall but I have no idea what to choose! We will talk about this, I will help you to decide which items are best for your home and your family. I have loads of samples in my studio.

Always feel free to contact me to discuss these and any other questions you have, I'm always happy to help!

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