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Baby F

This gorgeous wee boy's parents chose a light theme with grey as his main colour. I try to stick to either a light or dark theme and one or two colours to keep the session simple and cohesive. That way the images have a symmetry to them which makes it easy to display the prints in groups which are pleasing to the eye. Grey suits most babies as it has a softness to it.

The bed the family chose as one of their props is a solid metal toy bed made before the second world war, it has obviously been well loved but is in great condition. It adds a lovely vintage charm to a photo session, and the cream colour means it suits boys and girls.

I always bring a selection of hats and wraps to your session, in the colours you have chosen. I don't know everybody's taste so their will be a large variety in case you want wee teddy ears like this little boy, or a simple plain bonnet or crown.

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