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Dealing with corona virus - covid-19

Well lovelies, the virus has arrived on our shores, and we need to talk about it.

Our health department are doing a great job giving really good practical advice for how to avoid infection and what to do if you catch it.

I have used this information to create strategies to help my clients and myself navigate this worrisome time.

I have numerous safety precautions in place at all times anyway;

- I always wash my hands first and then use medical grade hand sanitiser while working with your baby

- all fabrics are washed after use, anything that can't be washed is wiped down with medical grade anti virus wipes and dettol.

- my studio is wiped down with antibacterial or diluted bleach after every session (as are the toilet/bathroom)

- I am up to date with all of my vaccinations and get the flu vaccine annually.

- I cancel sessions if either myself or the client are unwell.

In addition I will institute the following policies if necessary;

- If your family and my family are all well we will continue as planned, however if there is a concerning outbreak in NZ, and you still want a session, we will do a shorter, simpler session only to minimise contact.

- Only those who absolutely need to be at the session will be allowed.

- Masks stop an infected person from spreading disease, they do not stop you from catching it in most cases - so I will likely not wear a mask, as when they become damp they increase risk of transmission.

- I will monitor my temperature to ensure that I am not becoming unwell, if I feel the least bit unwell I will contact you to postpone.

- educating my clients to understand that I can still photograph a 4-6 week old baby in the newborn way - so not to worry if we need to postpone.

I feel strongly that this disease (and the 'flu etc) should not mean that parents miss the chance to have the photos they want, but I refuse to put anyone at risk. Maintaining communication with you, my wonderful clients is the best way to ensure the best outcomes.

Here is a very good article from the Spinoff which will help you to understand the current situation. My intention is not to worry and upset you, but to let you know that I will do everything I can to protect the families who rely on me.

Please feel free to comment and add your suggestions :-)

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