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I'm so excited!

As my business has grown and evolved I have created a plan every year to ensure that it is growing in the right ways.

One of the very important facets of this plan is continual education and advancement. The very most important thing in my business, the one person who is completely pivotal, upon whose happiness my livelihood your baby.

Ensuring the safety of your baby is my number one responsibility.

To this end I have joined a couple of industry associations.

I am an accredited professional photographer with NZIPP to ensure that I am meeting safety standards, posing guidelines and industry standards in business and photography.

I joined APNPI to ensure I am meeting international safety standards and posing/photography standards.

The processes to achieve accreditation with these bodies are rigorous and a little anxiety inducing, so I am happy to announce that today I have been granted the Qualified newborn photographer credential from APNPI

These bodies both provide many opportunities for ongoing learning, which I will continue to take full advantage of in my journey to become the best photographer I can be.

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