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Little and loved

I met this wee family a few months ago, Mum had booked in for her newborn and maternity sessions early and had come out to the studio to try on my gowns for her beach maternity session.

The maternity session was beautiful, the soft evening light that Dunedin does so well and the colours of nature worked well with Mum and Dad's relaxed personalities, and their cute little doggy stole the show!

Fast forward to this week, and they brought their beautiful, tiny newborn baby daughter to the studio for her session. What a delight to meet this tiny new human! Her gorgeous big eyes watched my every move, and her strong neck lifted her head into her preferred position despite being just a week old.

We used my favourite new prop - the honey bucket, a wooden vintage style honey collection bucket with iron accents, its a chunky bucket, which makes it very safe and supportive for new babies. I lined it with a special support I have which ensures that baby feels comfortable and safe at all times, and had baby's Dad keep a hand on her between shots to ensure her safety.

We also used a tiny basket as a prop, I love this one as we can show baby fully in this one, while she feels secure in it's cosiness. We then moved on to the beanbag and parent photos.

Not all babies will be happy in all situations, they may be happy in props but very unhappy on the beanbag, my job is to ensure that you understand this and to manage everyone's expectations to make the most of what baby is happy to give us. If we listen to them and give them what they need, and only push them as far as they are willing to go we will always end up with beautiful images.

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