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Older newborn baby session

This baby was 5 weeks old at the date of his session and as you can see that didn't make the slightest bit of difference! We got lots of lovely awake shots and sleepy shots, props, family and beanbag shots.

The only difficulty I had was keeping this wee boy wrapped up, as he was big and strong, but once again that isn't an issue and I change to work with baby. His needs are always paramount, we always stop for feeds and top ups, nappy changes and spills.

I have some gorgeous, plain and simple little merino onesies in different rich colours, that work well in these sessions. They are comfy for baby and are more in keeping with the clothes a baby would normally wear. It's nice to get some shots of baby being baby as well as the more artistic images.

I have plenty of props (you can see them here) for all sizes of babies, tiny props for the littlest bubbas and larger props for the bigger ones. This ensures that baby is always comfortable no matter what. My experience in working with babies ensures that baby is always safe and secure in whichever prop we choose.

Beanbag shots can be a wee bit harder with older babies (but then they can be difficult with very new babies too!) I usually try to position baby in a way that they are comfortable and then let them settle themselves. The wonderful thing about older babies is that often they will track the camera as it is a big black thing that I am holding in front of my face, so it gets their attention and that all important beautiful eye contact!

Don't ever be put off a newborn session just because you didn't manage to book before baby was born. I have the experience and education that ensures I can still get beautiful photos of your baby, who even though they may be "older" is still a teeny, weeny new baby. #dunedinbabyphotographer

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