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Gorgeous little peanut <3

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

This beautiful, tiny wee girl loved being swaddled for her newborn photos. Her family had decided on pinks and purples for her photos, and the vintage wicker scales and dark wooden box for her props. I brought a light wooden floor to pull everything together.

I wrapped baby in cream and purple layers, look at her - a gorgeous little ball who was easy to move between setups, and we changed hats and headbands to give some variety to her gallery. She looks so cosy with all of the different wools, pink fluffy curls and the mohair wrap.

After the prop shots we decided to unwrap her and do some posed shots...this is where things can start falling many babies do not like being undressed and even though the room was nice and warm this wee one became a bit grumpy with the proceedings.

I do try to let parents know that this may happen, so its important for us to be able to adapt to what baby wants, so thats what we did :-) and we got the photos we needed. Everything works better when we go with what baby wants!

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