Preparing for your family


Preparing for your family session

Thank you for booking your family photos with me, I know that there are a number of choices available to you and I want you to know that I appreciate your decision to book with me.

I am looking forward to your session, I have tried to include as much information as possible here, however if you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me.

Your session may take place at a location we have agreed on or at my warm and comfy studio at our small farm in Taieri Mouth, I have attached directions further on in this info guide, please check these and print them out or copy and paste to your phone notes.

Much of this information may not apply to your session, so please skip to the parts that do, most of my work is with babies and very young children, so most of the information here is for their caregivers. If you have booked for a family shoot with older children and adults please just skim past.

For family photos we generally start with some photos of babies and children together, then move to photos of the whole family interacting (to avoid looking at the camera while you get used to me) and then various shots of family members alone and together. We are usually done within 45 minutes.

I try to ensure that we have all of the combinations, siblings together, each individually with parents etc, but if there are any shots you particularly wish to get or if I miss a combination please let me know!

What to bring:

  • A change of clothes for everyone ...just in case

  • Water bottles (stay hydrated!)

  • special family items and taonga that you wish to include in photos

  • hair brush / comb / wipes

  • snacks for kids

What if:

  • my kids won't co-operate? This is a high pressure situation for children...and we all know what that means. Try to keep it low-key, tell them "we are visiting Mummy's friend and she is going to take some photos of us". Please don't get cross with them. We will work with them to get the shots we need. Accept that we may not get lots of smiles - but we will get real photos of your child.

  • The weather is bad? We always book into the studio - that way we can always get photos despite the weather.

  • I don't like photos of myself? People love you, one day you will be gone and all they will have is photos of you.        Be in the photos.

  • We don't know where to look or how to pose? I will tell you where to look, mostly you will be chatting with and interacting with your family, I will just guide you.

Parents :

  • I will get down on your baby's level and chat with them, its important that I build rapport with them. 

  • I know you want smiles, but please don't call out to baby or shake things at them unless I have asked you to as it often has the opposite result and stresses baby.

  • The studio is calm and quiet (just some kiddie songs playing in the background), I will let your child explore and get centred before picking up the camera.

  • Sickness *******PLEASE READ******
    IF you child wakes up sick with a snotty running nose, coughing, and/or fever not related to teething or seasonal allergies please call me ASAP to discuss options. 
    If you contact me asap prior to coming in we can reschedule your session without penalty.


  •  where what you love, if you wear something you love you will look great. I don't mind if you all turn up in Metallica shirts, or Hawaiian mumus.

  • choose 3 colours and ensure the entire group are wearing some or all of them

  • if we are shooting at the beach pastels look wonderful...jeans, white shirts, tan pants, blush, cream, sage, light blue

  • if you are having real problems just google "family photoshoot outfits", that should help.

  • Please ensure that your clothing looks the way you want it to look in your photos. I can only do so much with photoshop! 


After your session, I will get to work on culling your images down to the very best of the best  images, then editing those images and getting them up into your gallery. Once they're ready, I'll be in touch with your gallery link.

When you get the slideshow link, I encourage you to make an event of it! Queue it up on your tv or a large computer screen and gather the whole family around (sound up!)... the first time you see your photos is always the


Downloading your files:

he process is simple: select the images and use the down arrow in the upper right corner of your gallery - click on that and the system will walk you through the download process.

The images will download as a zip file, which you can double-click on to expand. I suggest you make a second copy of the expanded files, then save the two copies to two different locations - I generally recommend that one copy be

saved to an easily accessible drive (either on your computer or on an external hard drive), and that the other get saved to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).

Copyrights (and wrongs):

Once you've got your digital files in hand, you are free to print them when, where, and as often as you wish - you can use them to make holiday cards, share on your social media pages or personal blog, etc.

The only things you can't do are related to the resale of your photos or use for

commercial/business purposes. For instance, if you authored a book, you'd need additional permission to use one of the photos on the dust jacket, and you can't re-edit the images. Otherwise, you've got free reign.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 12.51.26 PM.pn

Storyboard framed fine art prints

An absolute favourite with my clients, this 30 x 30 inch frame contains nine 7x7 inch fine art prints with hand torn edges and mounted in the floating style. You get more of your beautiful images on the wall without having to hang lots of frames. Seven frame colours to choose from. Ivory or black mat.



Wood panel prints

These gorgeous wood panel prints are made on a moisture resistant wooden panel, the natural striations in the wood come through your print and  add an amazing dimension to it. The print is finished with matte laminate to protect your print for years to come. 

Prints are available in rectangle, square and circle shapes. Talk to me about creating a beautiful layout for your wall.

Prices start at $200

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.45.45 AM.pn

Professional lab print packs

Your favourite images are professionally printed on archival quality photo paper with a matt lustre finish.

These prints are available in a couple of sizes and are perfect for framing and hanging on the wall or giving as a special gift.

Sold as a pack of 5 prints

5 x 5"

5 x 7" 

4 x 6"

$50 per pack

Directions to my studio

Taieri Mouth is approximately a half hour drive from Dunedin or Balclutha, you can take the coast road from Dunedin (which is very pretty) or the main highway.


We are at 113 Chaplin Road Taieri Mouth.


Chaplin Rd is halfway between Waihola and Taieri Mouth, off Finlayson Rd (the main rd between Waihola and T Mouth) if you programme 813 Finlayson Rd into your maps app, Chaplin Road is straight across the road.

If your maps app tells you to drive to Taieri Mouth and turn down Coutts Gully Rd please DO NOT! its a paper road and does not join up to Chaplin Rd in reality.

Please do not turn off Finlayson Road onto any other road but Chaplin.


So, you are on Chaplin Rd - we are about 1.13 km straight down the road, there's a sign outside that says "Copperhead Farm", drive down to the house and I'll meet you there! (Please ignore the "danger" sign...unfortunately it is there to deter people from dumping pets at the end of our road.


Thank you once again for booking!


021 834 810


Chaplin rd map.jpg