Product information and pricing

Your beautiful photos deserve to be hung on the wall and admired, not stuck on a usb drive in a drawer!

All of the products shown here are on display in my studio, you can pick them up, touch them and think about which would be the best fit for your home and decor.

I have tried to curate a collection which suits my style of photography, and that differs from what is regularly available.

All products are manufactured in New Zealand by companies who are prestigious in their field.

If you would like something that is not shown here just ask, I can source most items.

There is no obligation to purchase, and there is no pressure.

I do not ask you back for a sales session as parents of newborns just do not need that!


Your photos will go into an online gallery and you can choose which products you wish to purchase.

I am always available for advice.

Wood prints

We take a beautiful photographic print and mount it onto a 20mm raw dark-edged timber panel (strong enough to resist moisture and humidity).

We finish off the Wood Print with a matte optically clear laminate for extra protection and a beautifully soft finish. 

The print comes with a clever routed groove on the back to allow easy wall hanging.

12 x 16" $250

16 x 20" $350

12 x 12" $250 (round or square)

16 x 16" $350 (round or square)

20 x 20" $400 (round or square)

Collections save you a significant amount over individual wood panels. If you would like a custom collection please contact me. I am happy to help.

Collection A: $1400

1 x 20" circle

1 x 16" square

1 x 16 x 20" rectangle

3 x 12 x 16" rectangles

Collection B: $950

3 x 16" diameter circles

Collection C: $900

1 x 12" diameter circle

1 x 16" diameter circle

1 x 20" diameter circle

Framed storyboards

Our storyboards are epic! My clients love them and they are our most popular product.

A 30 x 30" framed set of 9 prints.

You can choose from matted lustre print or fine art, hand torn, floating print, and there are 7 different frames to choose from.

Get all of your favourite images in one place, beautifully created by Queensberry to last for generations.


Matted lustre prints $1200


Hand torn, floating mount, fine art prints $1500

Framed prints


I sell two types of framed print.

Hand torn, floating mount, fine art prints.


Framed canvas style textured prints.

They both need to be seen and held to appreciate their beauty and quality


Individual framed prints

8 x 10" $300

11 x 14" $400

14 x 14" $400

12 x 16" $500

16 x 20" $600

20 x 24" $1000

30 x 30" $1200


Collection D: $1400

4 x 14 x 14"


Collection E: $1100

2 x 11 x 14" 

1 x 14 x 14"


Collection F: $1800

2 x 16 x 20"

2 x 12 x 16"

Print boxes


I sell two types of print boxes.

The matted print box contains 15 matted prints (which can be framed, or can stand on a small easel or photo stand) 

The box is covered in the colour of your choice and can have baby's name embossed on it.


The regular print box contains 50 5 x 7" matted prints and once again is covered in the colour of your choice, and with baby's name embossed on the front.



Gallery boards, prints and matted prints


Gallery boards are made from sturdy foam core, your print is mounted and then coated with a protective coating. Your gallery boards can be framed or can just sit on an easel, photo stand or on a shelf, easy!

Perfect for those macro shot collages.

Gallery board prices:

10 x 10" $100

14 x 14" $120

Matted prints are high quality lustre prints mounted in a framing mat. They can be framed, placed in a print box or displayed on a shelf.

Matted print prices:

8 x 10" $100

11 x 14" $120

Prints those are high quality lustre prints, great for sending to friends and family, and displaying in your family albums.

Print prices:

4 x 6"     1-9 $6 each, 10-19 $5 each, 20+ $4.50 each

8 x 8"     1-9 $10 each, 10-19 $9 each, 20+ $8 each

8 x 10" 1-9 $11 each, 10-19 $10 each, 20+ $9 each

matted-print-03 copy.jpg