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About Justine

You know your little one will never  be this small again, never this tiny, this new, this helpless. The new baby smell, the soft neck you love to nuzzle into, those tiny fingers and toes. You need to capture this, you need to save these precious moments when they are a tiny little being - forever.

This is what I do.

I capture all of the tiny details of your baby. Their squishy back rolls, or skinny little legs, the way they sleep with one arm above their head, all the little things that make your baby unique.

The newborn period is so fleeting, and parents are usually walking around in a semi-dream state, exhausted and exhilarated.

I capture this moment for you, so that you can look back and marvel at their newness, their utter reliance on you for everything.

Hi! I'm Justine Turner, owner of Bright Eyes Photography.

I'm Mum to five daughters, was a social worker in my previous life, and now I document the most precious moments of family life.

Pregnant Mamas, Newborns, Babies

You will receive help and advice every step of the way to ensure that your memories are captured and displayed the way you want them to be.

When I am not capturing beautiful images of gorgeous babies, you will find me wrangling the cheeky animals on our family farm,

binge watching Scandi Noir thrillers  or knitting teeny tiny outfits for preemie babies.

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