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Creating High-End Newborn Photos with Props: Safety First

As a professional newborn photographer, my goal is to create beautiful images that capture the innocence and cuteness of your newest arrival. One way to add visual interest and variety to your photos is through the use of props. From baskets and blankets to hats and headbands, props can help create a story and set the scene for your images.

However, safety is always the top priority when using props with newborns.

Here are some ways I use props in a way that keeps your little one safe and secure:

  1. I choose props carefully: I look for props that are soft, comfortable, and without sharp edges or small parts that could pose a choking hazard. I make sure that the prop is appropriately sized for your baby, and can support their weight comfortably. I will use small beanbag supports to do this.

  2. Always have a spotter: When using props, it's important to have someone close by to assist and keep an eye on your little one at all times. I will ask a family member to assist me by keeping a hand on baby to make sure they are safe. I do not place babies into any props or poses that require a trained assistant, the props and poses I use are safe as they are, adding your hand just keeps them extra secure.

  3. Make sure baby is supported: I make sure that your baby is always supported and never placed in a position that could be dangerous.

  4. I always choose props that are firm and stable, and avoid using anything that could slip or shift.

  5. Take breaks: Newborns tire easily, so I make sure to take breaks and give your little one a chance to rest. I pay attention to your baby's cues and never force them into a pose or prop that makes them uncomfortable. You would be amazed at how many babies are comfortable sleeping in those buckets, and the ones who aren't let us know immediately, and thats my cue to take them out and try something else.

You can feel confident using props to add interest and variety to your newborn photos. When it comes to capturing the joy of your newest arrival, trust in the expertise of a professional newborn photographer to create beautiful, safe images for you.

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