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Newborn Photography: Classic Posing vs. Baby-Led Posing

Newborn photography is a beautiful way to capture the memories of a new baby, and there are two main approaches to posing: classic posing and baby-led posing. Understanding the differences between these two styles can help you choose the best approach for your newborn photography session.

Classic Posing: Classic posing is the traditional approach to newborn photography, where the photographer carefully poses the baby in a series of carefully crafted positions. This style is highly controlled, with the baby carefully positioned in various props and backdrops, often using wraps and other props to support the baby and create the desired look. Classic posing often results in very polished and pristine images, with the baby appearing posed and peaceful. However there are a number of factors which ensure the success of this style of posing:

  • baby must be very calm or asleep, therefore they must either be very young (4-12 days) or very relaxed.

  • dummies help a lot in helping the baby to relax, but professional photographer like myself understand that dummies are not for everyone, so do not feel pressured to use one.

  • the studio must be at a temperature that baby enjoys (usually around 26 degrees!

Baby-Led Posing: Baby-led posing, on the other hand, is a more relaxed and natural approach to newborn photography. The focus is on capturing the baby in their natural state, allowing them to move and stretch as they please. This style of posing is often more spontaneous, with the photographer working around the baby's movements and expressions to create images that are natural, candid, and unposed. Baby-led posing can result in images that are more relaxed and spontaneous, capturing the essence of the newborn and their natural movements and expressions.

The Choice is Yours: Ultimately, the choice between classic posing and baby-led posing is a personal one, and depends on your personal preferences and the style of photography that you like. Both styles can result in beautiful images, and the best approach is the one that you feel most comfortable with and that best captures the essence of your newborn.

It is important to manage your expectations, and I always try to help clients understand that some babies just will not allow us to pose them in a classical style. Please remember that we will always get beautiful photos, just that sometimes they are not the photos you expected!

Whether you choose classic posing or baby-led posing, it's important to choose a photographer who has experience and skill in newborn photography, and who can provide you with the high-quality images that you want to remember this special time in your life.

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